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Brian's Four Thought episode, 'Courage and Effect', introduced by David BaddielBBC Radio 4
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Radio 4: Hull 2017: The Spirit of Hessle Road

Spirit of Hessle Road.jpg

A collection of moving, funny tales over a bed of traditional folk music from the beating heart of Hull, crowned as City of Culture 2017.

BBC TV: Hull's Headscarf Heroes

Hull's Headscarf Heroes.jpg

The story of Hull's triple trawler tragedy fifty years ago in 1968, in which 58 deep sea fishermen died, and the protest by local women who fought for greater safety at sea.

Hull Triple Trawler Disaster 1968 newsreel

This brilliant little collage from the British Pathe archive gives a marvellous insight into the times in which my book, The Headscarf Revolutionaries, is set. Notice how crowded the docks were. Also later in the newsreel observe the emotions on trawler safety campaigner Mrs Bilocca's face. I use this as part of a PowerPoint in a lecture I premiered at the Hull History Centre in June 2015. If you are interested in me addressing your school, college, or other organisation, drop me a line via the Contact page.

12 Silk Handkerchiefs

A song cycle and multimedia production by Reg Meuross, based on the story of the Headscarf Revolutionaries, which went on a national tour in 2019, supported by Arts Council England

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The Arts Council’s feedback from the tour:

• Meuross and team have created a moving and brilliant story and song cycle.


• This is a story worth telling that still lives in the hearts of many people in Hull. The lessons learnt still need repeating.

• This is an exceptional work that reminds us that no matter who we are we can make a difference. It is very relevant for both audiences in and out of the Hull area.

• This is an exceptional work put together by an experienced team. It was a joy to see something so well thought through by a team who have honed their craft.

• It would be a crying shame if this work was not toured more widely. Work of this quality is rare and needs to be supported and championed.

Witness History: Hull's 'Headscarf Revolutionaries'BBC World Service
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Here you'll find a collection of audio and video from a range of my recent projects.

Interview with Lillian Bilocca's daughter, Virginia Bilocca-McKenzieCoast Access Radio - New Zealand
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