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'You have done this beautifully...'

The Headscarf Revolutionaries Wow!! What a read. Let me say that as a 75 year old a good book lasts me almost 2 weeks whilst on holiday, I read this book in about 3 days which is a record for me nowadays. As a 15 year old Hull boy who ran away to sea in Feb. 1955 and signed as a Galley-boy on the Arctic Scout who then later courted a girl from Hessle Road and later worked down Wassand Street I found I could relate to the full story and I found your descriptions were so precise and accurate. Probably for the first time I fully realised how fortunate I had been myself as we also had to pull into the fjords due to black ice, broken radio etc. Fortunately for me my parents saw the danger and 'guided' me to other employment. I really have to congratulate you on your research and your presentation of this story, as a family historian I have a good idea of the work involved in researching facts but then it's another skill transferring those facts into making it an interesting story. You have done this beautifully, transferring and linking historical facts into an extremely well told tale. I've always been a book reader, using my local library from the age of 4 so during my lifetime I have read many, many books and I can say that there was only one other book which I found that I couldn't put down and that was for totally different reasons, as a 16 year old some-one lent me 'The Scourge of The Swastika', couldn't sleep for nights, couldn't believe what I was reading. Anyway, many, many congratulations on your work, for me it's the best read ever even though my emotions were all over the place, so much sadness but told with so much love, Well Done. Mel Markham #MelMarkham #Hulltrawlerman #TheHeadscarfRevolutionaries #Galleyboy #Hullfisherman

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