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Stories and songs of fish and ships

I am delighted to be joining my folk-singing pals, Mick McGarry - below left, and Dave Gawthorpe, below right (of Hillbilly Troupe fame), upstairs at Thieving Harry’s café in Hull Fruit Market as part of the city’s Folk Festival on this Saturday afternoon from 2pm. But don’t worry I won’t be singing…however I will be signing – and reading excerpts from my book The Headscarf Revolutionaries (Barbican Press, 2015).

Mick, a local singing legend, and Dave, a well-established musician and doctoral candidate at the University of Hull will providing a series of local songs, including the trawlerman’s anthem, ‘Settling Day’, the iconic ‘Three-Day Millionaires’ and the haunting a-cappella ‘Luckiest Sailor’, which tells of the sinking of the Kingston Peridot, one of the three trawlers sunk in as many weeks in the Dark Winter of 1968.

The set lasts for one hour and there will be books and CDs to be sold and signed afterwards. I will also be available for some questions, time permitting. Thanks to Thieving Harry’s for the gig and to Mick and Dave for their continued support…

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