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Remembering the men of Ross Cleveland

Today both sides of the city gathered to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Hull Triple Trawler Disaster – and the loss of the Ross Cleveland – the third ship to perish. The disaster sparked an uprising led by Mrs Lillian Bilocca which led to better safety at sea, following a whirlwind campaign which went down in history as one of the most successful civil action campaigns of the twentieth century. A memorial plaque and anchor was unveiled by Hull City Council at Valiant Drive in east Hull at the three housing blocks named after the ill-fated ships.

At Hessle Road, where it meets the Boulevard, the Rev Tony Cotson led a small service for hundreds who gathered to pay their respects. I would have loved to have been at both events, and I feel and I am not alone in that. Somehow, it beggars belief that the council would have arranged an event at the exact same time in the east while the other one was on in the west. But today is a time for remembrance, not reproach. It was an honour to be among those folks at Hessle Road and to know that their commemoration and remembrance was being reciprocated across the city. We will always remember the men of the Ross Cleveland and all who left this great port, never to return. #Trawlers #Hull #LillianBilocca #Hullfisherman

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