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Hull writer's new novella wins high praise before its publication

A NEW novel described as a twenty-first century fusion of two literary giants was critically acclaimed before it was published.

The Mystery of Briony Lodge (Barbican Press, 2016) by Walsall-born, Hull-based writer David Bagchi, gives a modern make-over to Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle and Three Men in a Boat author Jerome K. Jerome. (who was also born in Walsall!)

The book will be launched at 6pm tomorrow (October 13) at the Arts Café in the University of Hull, where David is a lecturer and theological historian.

Actor and TV presenter Jeremy Nicholas, president of the Jerome K. Jerome Society, said: ‘Briony Lodge is a witty detective story written partly (mostly) by Jerome enhanced with excerpts from the private journal of Dr John H. Watson.’

Jeremy will be reading excerpts from the novel at tomorrow evening’s event.

Jeremy added: ‘This ingenious conceit is worked out with tremendous confidence and élan, true to the spirt of the two books and, over and beyond that, is a classy and affectionate tribute to two of late Victorian England’s most popular writers.

‘I belted through The Mystery of Briony Lodge with huge enjoyment. It is wonderfully silly, an ingenious conceit and altogether a cracking good read.’

Publishing director Martin Goodman of Barbican Press said: ‘This genre-bending novella is an affectionate and faithful tribute to two of late Victorian and Edwardian England’s most popular writers, full of sly references to both authors’ wider work.

‘It will appeal to anyone who loves neo-Victoriana, and will be an entertaining read for everyone else.

‘And it’s a snip at £9.99 as our very first hardback. This book is made for loving and giving!’

If you wish to interview the author you can contact David directly on: 07922 092928.

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