• Brian W Lavery

Times and Tides

Times and tides

(Inspired by The Hessle Roaders photographic exhibition – by Alec Gill)

Maternal fathers strong to save

– mam and dad to lad and lass

And men who took the

harvest from the waves.

Terrace ender tell-tale talk from

women who never waved…

Nor wavered… but buried secret fears

where they also hid their tears.

Constant fight to feed the bains

Tank-like prams booled by mams

Racing for absent men’s wages –

A dock of aegis, cleft for thee.

Scruffy kids frozen in

Perpetual Play Street gaze

Waiting for Dad’s kitbag,

– Christmas every twenty-one days.

Ever-watching Gert and Lil

lean from terrace window sill

You be-have-ing you, Bill or

I tell yer mam…I will.

Three tides later – a latch-key

Lifted in click so-quietly – so

The two-up fretting wife won’t

Wave her man away.

Grey-silhouetted deckie in the

Humber haar drops his

gear in a Subway Car to

catch the company store.

And cathedral wireless crackling

mimics bacon sizzle and soundtracks

departures in morning’s half-light

‘…Dogger, Fisher, German Bight…’

Brian Lavery



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